Monday, May 31, 2010

New England Campgrounds that allow golf carts

I'm doing research on which campgrounds allow personal golf carts.
If you know of any additional ones email me ( or post comment.

Here is my list - Updated (6/1/2010)

New Hampshire:
* Danforth Bay Camping Resort (Freedom, NH) - Seasonal / Transient ($10 fee)
* Cold Springs Resort (Weare, NH) - Seasonal

* Camp Cold Brook RV and Golf Resort (Barre, MA) - Yes; headlights, brakelights
* Kings Campground (Manchaug, MA) - Yes
* Prospect Mountain Campground (Granville, MA) - Seasonals only

* Strawberry Park Resort (Preston, CT) - Seasonals only (white, 5 years or newer, electric, $500,000 in insurance)

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